Hullo From the Tookish Side of the Shire

Ever find yourself lost in search of great recipes for a healthy and tasty Second Breakfast? Or have you been struck with the sudden desire to walk into Mordor due to an inability to fight dark forces tirelessly? I have and no longer wish remain uneducated in matters related food and fitness. So, Fit and Healthy in The Shire is my attempt at documenting my efforts at becoming a stronger, happier hobbit.

My road to this point was long and convoluted. Growing up I was fairly bookish (still am in fact) and uninterested in sports or physical activity due to medical restrictions. I was also painfully shy due to years of bullying. As a result of that and a host of other issues, I went from being a skinny lonely kid to chubby lonely kid and then an underweight, depressed teen/young adult. I struggled with disordered eating and later what’s now known as OSFED of the Atypical Anorexia Nervosa sub-type for over four to five years. Recently though, I’ve felt my Tookish side has begun to emerge. I’m ready to throw off my past and emerge a new woman fully capable of waging war on the orcs of my past and embark on adventures with my trusted companions.

I’ve been in recovery for over four years now and feel like I can safely approach fitness and exercise in a healthy manner without slipping back into the habits I once had. How do I plan on doing that? By setting small, measurable and realistic goals. Nibbles to soothe the grumbly tummy, if you will, rather than a twelve course before I’m ready.

So my main quests are:

  1. Build functional strength
  2. Gain 7 pounds of muscle
  3. Get my body fat percentage down from 31% to 20%
  4. Lower my risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases
  5. Run 2 miles without stopping in 13 minutes
  6. Transition from being an omnivore to eating a balanced vegan diet over the next 3 months.



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