The Woefully Abridged List of Awesome

Things I Like

H+ : I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this. I honestly thought I would hate it, but this is surprisingly intriguing and the premise is not a little disturbing to think about. Though I am drawn to dystopian movies and T.V. shows. I love that it’s in small bite-sized episodes so I can actually watch an episode or two while walking to class or washing up after dinner.

They DO exist! : I could almost live off these alone. You know, if I wasn’t attempting to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses. But I think these would be, in a word: awesome as an occasional treat. Or was that five words? Whatever, they’re still ridiculously amazing.

Weasley Sweaters : Now you too, can have a Weasley sweater! That was not an endorsement, I just really like all things Harry Potter. (Can you believe I almost wrote Pooter?) Weasley, most definitely, is my king. Take that blatching Slytherins of the world.

Things I Love

Darebee: If it wasn’t for this site and Nerd Fitness I don’t think I would have been able to approach fitness and exercise in a healthy. Actually, I know I wouldn’t have been able to. Both of these sites helped me view exercise as something enjoyable and not as a way to compensate for dangerous habits. It’s what’s kept me from slipping back into disordered eating and thought patterns.

Mangos: If these were in season here in Texas, my freezer would be filled to overflowing with bags of ripe mangos.

My SO: I probably won’t be discussing him all that much but I am honestly in love with him. We’ve known each other for years and I’m still blown away at the thought that he and I are together. He’s the only man I’ve been involved with that didn’t treat me like a sideshow act when he found out I was questioning my sexuality. Every other man I’ve told treated it as a way to try and coerce me into a threesome. Or as a free pass for them to cheat. But this one? The conversation we had went something like this:

Jean: Babycakes (because I am free to assign cheesy nicknames on the internet)…?

Babycakes: Yes dearest desire of my heart?

Jean: I have something I want to talk to about.

Babycakes: Is it ‘one hug’ serious or ‘Home Spa Day’ serious?

Me: ‘Breakfast in Bed’.

Babycakes:*Starts to sweat* Uh oh. What’s wrong?

Me: Um- Er- oh hell. Would it make you think any less of me if I told you I was bisexual or at least questiong if I’m attracted to women as well as men?

Babycakes: No. Why?

Me: Really?

Babycakes: Yes, really. That doesn’t change who you are to me or my feelings for you.

Now the actual conversation wasn’t close to being as eloquent as the illustration provided but I think this shows one of the reasons why he’s on the list.

Thunderstorms at night


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