Hullo Again

After nearly two months of feeling lost and quite ineffective at easing my own grief I’ve returned from the hellish (arm)pits of Mordor. Jim (a.k.a. Babycakes) and I are having problems so I’m a little fussy about a lot of things at the moment.

Other than that I wanted to introduce a new weekly series: Fandom Fridays.

Every Friday, starting today, I plan on spotlighting 2-3 things I think are noteworthy from one of the many fandoms I’m a part of. Oh and if you’ve got something you’d like to share or do a guest post on for future installments? Feel free to owl me at  with your idea. That’s right I said owl . This week’s fandom is….


First up on this week’s list is The Harry Potter Alliance.

The fact that HPA has been around for ten years and I’m only just discovering it now is mind blowing. Since 2005 they’ve worked to get fans to turn their love of all things Potter into a force that affects real, lasting and most importantly positive change in the world. Whether it’s providing books to under served communities through efforts like “Accio Books!” or partnering with another fandom to highlight the increasing wage disparity and lack of adequate, affordable mental health treatment options the Harry Potter Alliance is doing remarkable things. I for one, hope they continue the great work for decades to come. Remember, Potterverse didn’t end with book 7 and Deathly Hallows Part 2. Fans, new and old, can pick up where the last book and film left off. Continue the narrative,  fight against injustice and inequality. Because as they’re fond of saying over at HPA, we are book eight.

Second and last for this week is the Harry Potter read along at the Alohomora podcast on MuggleNet.  I can’t begin to express the level of awesome this is on. I consider this one of the best features of the MuggleNet site to date. Though Rosmerta’s Recipes runs a close second.

I think Alohomora is great because it allows long time fans another way to relieve the memories formed as we grew and changed alongside the Golden Trio. The hollow ache felt when yet another Christmas passed and the only gift received was a tube sock or wire coat hanger. Relief on learning that there was an explanation for the unusual things you could do and hurt at being rejected by others like you because you wanted to prove yourself in a new, unfamiliar environment. The knock kneed fumbling of a teen who’s finally discovered the opposite (or same) sex. More than that, the Alohomora podcast is a way for new fans to discover why so many people treasure the Harry Potter series and delves deeper into the how and why of event that transpired. The alternative views on characters’ motives drew me in and kept me coming back for more. The other unbelievably awesome benefit of this podcast? In my opinion I think this would be a great way to foster a lifelong love of books and reading in people that might otherwise think of it as a chore.

Not sure where to start?  Yertle the Turtle thinks this might be a good place.

Are you a part of any fandoms? If so, which ones? If not, are there any causes that you feel strongly about and are involved with?



When I started this blog I’d intended for it to be focused strictly on fitness and as a place to occasionally spaz over my nerdy loves. Lee Sun Kyun, anyone? His voice is just so… seductive seems too tame a descriptor.  Somehow this morphed into something else entirely. For someone that’s spent that majority of their life writing, I find myself unable to accurately describe the direction this has taken. Mainly a place where I reflect on various things and might share the rare story excerpt. Odd how that works out, isn’t it?

I went out bowling with 3-4 friends and I had a decent time. A great time if I’m to be completely honest. I’ve stayed home for the last couple of years to help family with a few matters and don’t get out much so it was wonderful to see them  outside of the occasional Sunday service. There was even mention of possibly going golfing in a couple of weeks. I will readily admit to being an extreme introvert, but this seemed to be one of the rare times where I didn’t feel exhausted from being around people after only a few minutes.

Everything was great until I got some bad news. Someone important in my life passed away. I found out through a text from the one person I trust to never say something like that as a prank. Y’all I don’t cry. I just don’t. But this was different. I felt like the whole world had fallen away. There was this persistent ringing/buzzing in my ears. I couldn’t feel, barely see and felt like I was suffocating in addition to being nauseated.I didn’t want them to see me with anything other than a smile so despite the overwhelming urge to rail at the unfairness of life, I waited until I made it to an empty restroom to cry my heart out. Pitiful, isn’t it? Crying alone in an empty restroom because… I’m not sure why. I guess I just didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s good mood.  I’m not ashamed to admit that my faith, for a brief moment, was shaken. I don’t know what to do to help the others affected by what happened.

So, if I seem morose that’s why. I’m completely adrift in a sea of ashen grief and wormwood stained helplessness. I loathe being unable to fix this or wave my fairy wand and make it so this didn’t happen. I want to write again tomorrow but probably won’t since I need at least that time to process what’s happened.




Silver blue streaks race across an otherwise unblemished afternoon sky. The smells of relaxation waft towards the tangle of sheets, a fragrant blend of peppery bacon, warm cinnamon, sweet cream on scones and pungent, first-flush Darjeeling. Minutes later a soft knock sounds against the open door. The lump twitches.

“Breakfast is served milady.”

It snores. Rolls to the left. Right. Left again. The linen mass tumbles to the floor

A soft snort punctuates the fall. “Go away Rex.” An arm snakes out of the mess, swatting at some imagined figure. The intruder stills, tray balanced precariously on one hand. A faint wrinkle forms.

“Rex?” he mutters quietly. Seconds later, a decision is made and the tray set on the nightstand.A sticky-sweet strip of bacon pilfered from its brethren.

“No,” she groans “not the bacon.”

He freezes barely millimeters from consuming stolen booty. How did she know?

A drowsy snicker escapes. “I see everything.

He shudders. There’s no way.

He shakes off the sudden chill and proceeds to bite into his prize and waits as sixty excruciating pass. Noting the distinct lack of reaction, he reaches for a second slice.

“Not my bacon!

That piteous wail was the final straw. The plan had to be enacted. Bacon in hand, he slunk toward his target. One-two-three muffled steps later the foodstuff is brandished in the general direction of her nose. A chaotic mass of bedhead inches out of the linen cocoon. Her hand latches onto his wrist and, in one smooth motion, he was drawn into The Lair.